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Scordato Italian Bakery & Deli
5011 W. Howard Aveune
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53220
(414) 327-8555
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Whether you are looking for fresh bread, homemade cookies, cakes, specialty items, or deli items, we have them all! Come see our wide assortment of Italian cookies, imported meats & cheese, and weekly specials!  

  • Fresh Bread and Rolls            

    All bread and rolls are baked fresh daily in the bakery, and are cholesterol and preservative free. Breads we offer, include:

    Italian, Vienna, Small French, Regular French, French (well seeded), Fancy (artichoke), Butter Crust (without seeds), Butter Crust (well seeded), Baguette, Hard Rolls, Small Round, Mini Italian Bread, Rye*, Whole Wheat*, Dinner Rolls*, Kaiser Rolls*, Sub Rolls*, Soft French (torpedo)*.

    * Please provide 24 hour advance notice for these items.

  • Homemade Italian Cookies  


  • We specialize in authentic Italian cookies and provide nearly 40 different varieties of cookies made from scratch by our skilled bakers in our bakery. Our large assortment of cookies include traditional cookies such as: Amaretti, Tutu, Biscotti, Italian Almond Macaroons, Coconut Macaroons, Pipatelli, Napolitane, Anise Toast, Cimino and many many more. We also offer cookie platters for every event. Our cookies are currently $9.50 lb. and you receive about 24-30 cookies in every pound.

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  • Italian Specialities            

    • Cannoli (original)
    • Chocolate cannoli
    • Mini cannoli
    • Tiramisu
    • Homemade éclairs
    • Crème horns (baked flaky horn filled with fresh whip cream and drizzled with dark chocolate and powder sugar)
    • Mini éclairs
    • Mini cream puffs
    • Cheesecake (sold by the slice)
    • Tarralle (soft vanilla and orange flavored cookie topped with a light icing)
    • Cassata cakes
  • Custom Wedding Cakes         wedding-cake.jpg         

  • We make cakes for every occasion ranging from custom wedding cakes, custom edible photo cakes, birthday cakes, and anniversary cakes.